• Roan Smith

Great Poses for Instagram Influencers?

Since the start of photography in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, poses has been a massive part of capturing great portraits!

Here is my 5 Favorite poses for Instagram Influencers!

1. The chin push-out pose

Lifting your chin up slightly can make a HUGE difference in how confident you look in photos, it also helps to hide the slightest bit of a double chin which everyone (even skinny people) has. Just keep in mind to not lift it up to much. You don't want your viewers to stare down your nostrils lol.

2. The lean against pose

Leaning against objects like walls and railings with one of your shoulders is a great simple pose which is useful even for startup models. I also like folding my arms for this pose.

3. The stare away pose

This pose is very effective specially when combing it with some of the poses above. It creates a feel of power and independence. Don't look to far off from the camera though otherwise it will seem like you have a low self image because your don't feel comfortable about yourself on a photo.

4.The in-action pose

Posing as if you are doing something works great and can create stunning images without thinking about "how should I pose now". A few ideas is holding an interesting prop, and doing everyday things like looking at your watch, jacket, shoelace, etc. Try to find something physical around your scene and work with that.

5. The I am happy/not happy pose

This is one of the oldest poses in the textbook but it has proven to still be a trendy pose. It has been proven that photos on Instagram with a person looking happy or very serious will get up to 27% more engagement (likes and comments). There is a lot of ways to look happy and to smile but the fact is that if your aren't truly happy when the photo is taken it will most probably be noticeable in the photo! Rather do a serious face and get the exact emotion captured in your photos!

Here is a great BONUS video Regarding poses


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